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The Wes Anderson Collection

The Royal Tennenbaums

They say that Wes Anderson is primarily a decorator and then a director. Every object captured in the camera eye comes as a result of a well-thought and meticulously sketched composition. At Tenenbaum’s there is no exception.

A heart-touching story of an eccentric family wouldn’t come to life without a properly designed environment. ‘The house says it all about the family history. Because we did not have much time for rehearsals with actors, I wanted the house to provide them with the information they needed to bring to life the characters made of flesh and blood’– explains the director. Before the exact plot cleared up, he had crossed the whole New York City, searching for the perfect house. Eventually, the role was assigned to a time-worn residence, located in the historic part of Harlem. With the help of his brother—a cartoonist—Wes created sketches of each room depicting interior design ideas. Then, he locked himself up with a couple of decorators (David and Sandy Wasco) for half a year, to arrange the Tenenbaum’s space.

With fairy-tale looking interiors, the director Wes Anderson introduces us to his magical world.

If you are watching this anytime soon; look out for the meticulous attention to decor detail right down to the walls.

We will never claim to come close to Wes Cravens genius but for any assistance when it comes to something exotic on the wallpaper front do not hesitate to contact us at

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